Early .30-03 charger for dummies

This one came with “FA 7 08” headstamped cartridges and a non steel brass looking tension spring. Is the charger original for 1908? I skimmed through Chris Punnett’s book and could not find anything about chargers.

My ‘gut feeling’ is that it was never intended for 30-06 rounds and could well be a early German 7.92 charger…it certainly isn’t a 30-06 Springfield charger as although they are brass or brass finished they do have ‘stop tabs’ on the ends of the charger,which do often break off but I can see no signs of this happening on your charger


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Many 30-06 chargers for use with dummy cartridges were made without the end tabs as it made the charger easier to refill as well as being more economical as the charger could be reused many times.

Everything about this charger shouts “early production 30-03 or 30-06” and more specifically for dummy cartridges. The design is very similar to the Mauser 7x57 M93 clip that led to the US Government being sued for patent infringement. The phosphor-bronze spring and the unique spring retention tabs and cut-outs as well as the central hole in the spring. The only other clips that routinely have a phosphor-bronze springs are those for the Remington 8 and 81 self-loading rifles.

Are the ends of the spring turned down slightly to meet the charger body ? Some are to make re-filling easier.



I don’t think the spring is turned down.

According to Bill Brophy’s big book on the '03 Springfield Vlad’s clip is the earliest '03 clip intended for use with dummies. It’s the only early variant, as far as I can tell, that is actually rectangular in outline. Brophy doesn’t suggest a date, but perhaps 1904 or '05? Jack

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