Early .43 Spanish Remington by Gévelot

One of the earliest dated headstamps in .43 Spanish Remington. Made by Gévelot in 1876.



Fede, need your expert help. I have a cartridge which I thought was a 11mm x 59R French Gras. It has a similar head stamp as the one you’ve shown in your picture only the year is smugged and can be interpreted as either a 72 or 77. The month is 3 with the same G on top and Mx on the bottom. Any idea of what I have here? Thanks, Tom

Tom, can you measure the case length?

Case length measures 59.75mm

Thanks, then you have a 11 x 59 R Gras by the same manufacturer, but date should be “77”.

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Thanks Fede! Tom from Minnesota

I have seen many Gevelot BP cases listed both here and elsewhere with Mx in the headstamp ( Greek Gras, Spanish Rem, etc)
What does Mx stand for ??
( Municion X???) For export???

Doc AV

Usine des Moulineaux (Seine).

Muchas Gracias Fede.
Of course, Issy des Moulineaux
( Village of Issy with the Water Mills, district northern area of Paris, on the Seine.
( now part ofthe Paris Suburbia)

Doc AV

Would “Mx” (Unsine des Moulineaux) then be the case-metal supplier, or simply the location of Gevelot’s ammunition manufacturing facility?

John M.

John, it is the location of the manufacturing facility.



Fede - Thank you. I should have known that. Getting old I