Early 7.62 Nato Tracers


Some of my early 7.62 Tracers. 1st one is the 49mm length.



Steel cased 7.62 Nato Tracer



The first three in your first photo are not 7.62 NATO tracers. Left is a T102 and the next two are T102E2. The right one is an 7.62mm NATO M62.

The steel cased tracer is not a NATO either. It is a steel cased M62.



Thanks Ray, why the orange color tip?




That’s the standard tip color for the T102 and M62 Tracers.



Ok, Your technicality threw me for a loop for a moment! I get it now! HA!



Orange paint is a “Dark Trace” as they light after traveling 200 yards. This was done so the bad guys had a harder time locating the shooter. Red tips light instantly.



While that is true for Cal .30 tracers, I believe that all of the 7.62mm tracers are dim or delayed. The red-tipped 7.62mm are OFA (Overhead Fire Application). They are made only with GM jackets and have a red tip to ID them from the regular M62 which can have a GMCS jacket.

Fourth from left = M62
Fifth from left = M62 OFA



More color tips. Worth repeating.



I was talking about just the normal colors of tracers. The '06 Red tracer was instant burn. For the over-head fire, correct me if I’m wrong ( I always like to learn new to me stuff) wasn’t the red color called something else?


All of the TMs I have seen call it a red tip.




What are some of the color tips in the 2nd picture, except for the frangible [last] and the purple tipped Match [I think]…




There are no Match cartridges with colored tips, that I know of.

Left to right, they are:

XM 276 Prototype
XM 276 1st Type 550 yards
XM 276 2nd Type 1100 yards
XM 276 3rd Type 930 yards
XM 276 3rd Type GMCS
XM 276 3rd Type GM
M 62 APG tests
M 62 APG tests
M 160 frangible


What are the M62 APG tests?
Also can you please ID the rest of the lineup in the other photo with the blue tipped inert on the far right
Superb selection by the way :)


The APG tracers were for a special quality comparison test. M62 tracers were pulled off the Frankford Arsenal production line at random and marked up for the test. Other than the additional yellow band, they are standard M62’s.



Left to right:

M61 AP
T103E1 Observing
T101E1 API
M62 Tracer
M62 OFA Tracer
M62 Green Tracer
Incendiary bullet tests
XM256 Low Recoil
M198 Duplex
Inert Packaging Dummy


Awesome :)
Thanks very much for listing those Ray


I also have a 7.62x51 with a purple color tip h/s HP 14 70. I bought it listed as a match cartridge. That seems to be incorrect, so what do I have here?



Steve, your cartridge will be an Austrian sniper ball round.


Thanks Jim!