Early 8 X 57 Mauser query

Hopefully this will be a easy one to answer ,an early 4 segment headstamp round RWS / 18/ 96/ T/ , my question is were RWS segmented rounds usual and standard on these rounds or do the segments indicate something special thanks Randy

“T” ==Troisdorf Factory of RWS.
As to the segmentation, it became German (Imperial) practice to apply segmentation to cases loaded with “Mit Rille” (cannellured) Bullets during WW I ( for better mouth crimp and use in MGs)
Many other nations used the segmented HS (Austria etc) and it had no particular significance back in the 1890s.
Could it be an Export Contract Load (China perhaps)??

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is it possible you post the head stamp?

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I know of one empty case found in SW Africa with a RWS / 18/ 97/ T/ head stamp between many other 7.9 cases.
Normaly these segments means, these round were for maschine gun’s.

@ Doc AV

One of the first MG head stamps.


Howdy folks , Dutch,thanks for the info , I am unable to post a copy of the headstamp,I am still saving for my Digi camera and thanks to you to Doc. Randy


is it possible you post the head stamp?

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I just acquired this cartridge today and I thought someone had requested a post be made of the headstamp. The four segment lines are very light and don

Hi Phil, thats my round ,thanks for posting photo , no triangles on mine just 2 stars, regards Randy

These are the Troisdorf “T” headstamps from my own collection. I don’t white-out my cartridges, so admittedly, the headstamp pictures in this case are not great. I had to make them dark to make them legible for the most part. RWS did a very poor headstamping job on their early 8mm cartridges. I have seen some others of these, and they are seldom very good stampings.

The one on the right, from 1893, never had separation lines on the headstamp. I assume that at the top, there was some form of “RWS” but
it is totally missing from the headstamp, along with the star to the left of where it would be. The 1894 headstamp never had the separation lines, and is the clearest of the headstamps. The center round has a fairly clear, but lightly struck headstamp, but the “RWS” at the top did not scan well. It is a complete headstamp, and does have segment lines. the others are standard military-style headstamps from Troisdorf (RWS) and the dates will reveal that the other styles are either contract or commercial, not German military headstamps.

John Moss

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Great head stamps.


Just to clairify, on the “Troisdorf “T” headstamps.” They are from John Moss, I just post them for him.

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