Early British 7.62 chargers

For Gravelbelly, Enfield 56 and all the other scrap metal collectors. A nice label I picked up recently.

Sorry guys, the box was empty!


Hello Tony,

What a strange quantity, 8 rounds! The only adopted horseshoe charger that I know of was the Mark 1 which held 5 rounds. There were also ten round versions but I don’t know who or what rifle they were made for, mine are unmarked.


I know the answer to this puzzle :-D

Ok, since no one wants to have any more guesses why this carton is marked as such I will spill the beans about it.

Its all quite logical.

This Carton is for one X1E1 / Mark 1 ‘Horse Shoe’ Charger loaded with 5 rounds of ammunition.

As in typical British and Commonwealth service, ‘multi-purpose’ is the name of supply. The carton will hold 1 ‘Horse Shoe’ Charger OR 8 rounds of ammunition, in this case its filled with 8 rounds and to prove it here’s a Mark 1 Charger laying on top of 8 drill rounds:-


I just knew that if I waited long enough you would have to blurt it out, or burst!