Early dated 11 m/m Mauser 1871 cartridges

I have 1875-dated 11 m/m Mauser cartridges by the two makers in Birmingham, England and by G. Roth but no German-produced dated round earlier than 1877. What is the earliest dated headstamp German-made cartridge case in this caliber and by whom was it produced? JG

As far as I can glean from the book, “Die Munition zum Mausergewehr M71” by Erik Windisch and Bernd Kellner, the earliest known serially-produced M71 headstamped round by a German manufacturer seems to have been done at Hauptlaboratorium M

John: Thanks for the detailed response. It’s appreciated and helpful. JG

John, it wasn’t clear from the hs image in the same book but there was a “GR/ /1873/ /” hs in that book - looks initially like 1878. I know of a “GR/ /1874/ /” and the 1875 is also supposed to exist (see Abb. 32).

These must be amongest the earliest of dated hs I would think (of European anyway ?) - there is supposed to be a “GR/18/II/71/” on an Austrian 9.75x36.5R but there is definetly “GR/18/V/72/”.

Brad - thanks for the further research. My German isn’t too good, and I have lost some that I had it seems, as not using it much the last few years as my studies have led me somewhat away from the calibers I traditionally studied hard, and which are full of German specimens. I didn’t look much at the text of the book for my answer, just the tables. I missed the stuff you found. Good work, my friend.

His question was primarily about German ammo, but Austrian is important because of the close ties between the Austria and the German States at the time, and that is why I mentioned an Austrian firm also, and threw in the British ones too since the information was there.

Thanks again for you eagle eye.