Early Dupont Smokeless Powder Label Dates

Hello all…was wounding if someone could give introduction dates to the many, at least the pre-1900’s smokeless powder labels.

For example:
Dupont Shotgun: Words but no image
Dupont Shotgun: Shot Deer Banner
Dupont Shotgun: Two Dogs Banner
Dupont SHotgun: Ship Banner - 1908


More classified information I see!

Can you post pictures of the labels you want to date?

Here is one of “Two Dogs”. The keg has the older “Button Cap”. I have no idea as to the correct terminology.

What is the oldest date of the logo as well as the dates between the two cap designs.

That company designation was used between 1906 and 1915.

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Is there a book with all of this information? I can’t seem to find anything with google.
Here is another one with a normal screw top (later date) rather than the early dated button type screw top.

Also a later powder tin

Here is the early Dupont Smokeless No.1 Rifle Powder with what I call the shot/dead deer banner. What would be the dates of this label? At least 1894 to???

Ted Bacyk has two volumes on powder tins, titled GUMPOWDER CANS & KEGS Rowe is the publisher.

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Why two…there are always two!!! There goes another $100!!! Thanks for the information.