Early FN 7.65x53mm and marga rounds


I am trying to assist a friend who is currently researching a book on the Belgian Model 1889 Mauser by locating early examples of some of the ammunition and packaging used with these.

Specifically, I am looking for good quality pictures of the following:

1- 7.65x53 FN or Belgian military: empty boxes /partial or full boxes dated 1920s or earlier, including WWI boxes (not loose rounds or 1930s boxes please).
2- Early FN (pre 1930) boxes of Mauser sporting cartridges (empty or full) any caliber.
3- 7.65x53 MARGA training (blank) rounds for the Belgian military with or without celluloid bullet. Loose round or any form of box empty of full.
4- 7.5 mm Marga or any other Marga rifle round: Any type, loose round or in box or empty box
5- Marga pistol training rounds, any caliber: loose or in box
6- Any type of Marga products or components is of great interest.

Stripper clips, bullets, period advertising, catalogs, etc…

I know what a wealth of information is available on this forum and how helpful you can all be, so I am hopeful that you will be able to assist. Of course, full credit will be given for anything used.

Many thanks in advance,



Tony, I can help you with the argentinian use and reloading of these cartridges. Are you interested in this information?