Early gallery round or home reload?

So I’m tearing down a bunch of misc. 30-06 of all flavors and there are a few hundred lead bullet rounds. I went to pull them apart and they had a yellowish powder that looks like an early “smokeless powder”.

Were they making gallery or Guard rounds in 1934 or are these just some reloads that someone did?

The headstamps are all FA with year stamps in the 1930’s.

My other question is what type of powder would you guess this to be?

I can’t identify the propellant, but knowing the charge weight might make it possible to eliminate possibilities in some cases. There could well be two that have this caramel color, one slower burning and one faster and the weight would make one a likelier choice than the other. I’m sure they’re reloads rather than original government loads. Jack

FA was manufacturing the M1 Gallery cartridge with a lead bullet as late as the 1930s. Although, that bullet shown is not the M1 bullet.

The powder appears to be one of the “bulk” powders of the day. Maybe something like duPont #80, or Hercules E.C.


Cool. Now I won’t feel bad about tearing them down for components.

I’ll get the powder weight tomorrow just for fun. I would still like to know the powder.


Ray is right. The powder is, in fact, DuPont SR80 (Sporting Rifle). It was obsoleted in 1939.
SR80 was used in 30-06 gallery rounds. The bullet is Ideal 311291.

Thankfully I have a container of SR80 and use it occasionally. It still works very well.