Early Gatling Gun adapters for percussion or rimfire ammo

The early (Model 1862) Gatling gun used regular .58 caliber musket paper cartridges loaded into cylindrical steel adapters or holders with a percussion cap placed on a nipple on one end, creating a primitive form of a cartridge. This general concept is similar to the adapters or primitive cartridges used in other arms such as the Roper shotguns and Agar “coffee mill gun.”

The Model 1866 Gatling gun abandoned the use of the steel adapters and used self contained metallic cartridges such as the .50-70 and later a wide variety of calibers with later models.

In between the M1862 and M1866 there was a limited use of Gatling guns which were essentially modified M1862 types but with the striker which hit the percussion cap modified to strike a rimfire cartridge inserted into modified adapters which were bored through (and opened up slightly at the rear for the rim?).

Can anyone direct me to a photo or accurate drawing of the percussion type Gatling adapter, or especially the adapters made/modified for use with rimfire cartridges in the Gatling gun.


John, I don’t know if this is any help. The chamber with percussion cap was 70mm long. This was for loading the paper cartridges. Can you give me any details about the rimfire cartridges used?
Picture is from “The Machine Gun Volume 5”

The rimfire version used .58 caliber cartridges, with three case lengths reported, the short or “mountain Gatling” with case length of about .97", an intermediat length with 1.12" case, and a longer version with 1.37" case illustrated in George Hoyem’s excellent History and Development of Small Arms Ammunition Volume 1 (second edition) page 195.