Early HS https://forum.cartridgecollectors.org/t/whats-your-earliest-dated-headstamp-pictures/45551

Two early headstamps the lower is a .45-70 405, and the upper a .45 Schofield.
So what is wrong with this picture(s)? The .45 Benet was never headstamped, but yet here is a 1st date - a fake you say? You are correct.

Reason I’m doing this is that he guy that made the Schofield also made at least one .45-70, perhaps more, so look carefully (this 1st date .45-70 is original) interesting too is that the maker had the balls to hit the head of a live Benet primed round 5 times with a die.
44 colt hs
475-70 3 77 hs


This sort of fake brings on thoughts of a large flinch reflex and a tight sphincter muscle


Indeed, at the time I knew it was a fake & happened to have the jingle in my pants pocket . The guy that bought the 45-70 paid full price & was disappointed (as in very).