Early Hydrashok variants


Here are some early Hydra Shok variants that I have collected. These are all pre-Federal ownership, and hail from the days of the red 50rd boxes, and the MTM plastic cases with sticker labels:

They are, from left to right:

  1. .38spl “Copperhead”
  2. .357mag “Hunter”
  3. .38spl “Urban Police load” (UPL) - the original, original Hydra Shok
  4. same as 3 but with brass case
  5. .357mag “Urban Defense load” (UDL) - has a bigger center pin than UPL
  6. .44spl “Urban Defense load” (UDL)
  7. .38spl “Scorpion”

And here are a couple of Scorpion knock-offs made by National cartridge and American Ballistics, both from the mid 1980’s:

The National copy has the projectile sticking out just above the case mouth, while the ABC type is more true to the original design, except for the red base.



Nice selection there.

This is a Hydra-Shok item I picked up before Federal owned the brand. Any thoughts on this being an “original” vs. a knock-off?



I’ve seen other commercial headstmaps, mostly W-W, and I think back when Hydra Shok was loading these there were people making their own, or companies like National loading on commercial brass, or even Hydra Shok loading some on commercial brass before they had their own maybe?