Early Israeli .303's


I imagine that there are some interesting stories about these early manufactured rounds…

Information on Israeli .303 British .

Nice Find…the 1948 dates were made from about June 1948 ( Independance declarted May, 1948, and then the Headstamp developed further to the 1949 type, with the extra “windows” for Month/lot numbers…as later used on 7,9mm ammo made in the 1950s.

machinery used included a full line bought from USA Military Disposal Auctions in New England in 1946=47, and dismanrled and shipped as “Iron scrap” for the manufacture of agricultural Implements during the British Blockade up[ to May 1948…the shipment was passed by
blase’ British customs inspectors, and eventually assembled in Kibbutzes
to manufacture .303 and 9mm, along with other machinery previously acquired in Europe, before WW II and smuggled in.

One can see the similarity between the Israeli head impressions ( primer ring esp.) and the machinery original owner ( Winchester)…

Primers came direct from the USA, Remington for the most part ( Nickle plated, corrosive) but some came from other sources in the USA.
Powder was both Ball and Tubular, again US Surplus (Openly acquired post May 48.)

By the mid-1950s, IMI had built its own Primer Plant and Powder Mill, using Olin ( WCC) technology.( Ball Powder).

Nice early Collection. The Hebrew headstamp indicates the Plant at Tel Aviv.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.


Nice batch, Paul.


Great head stamps!
Interesting to know why all 3 dated to 1948 having a bit idfferent head stamps? Just different stamps on different factory lines?