Early pre NATO 7.62 ctg

Found them on the ecra meeting last week, came in a tube with an additional info paper with it.
The paper reads “T65 LR - French LONG A bullets, loaded in French Mfgd. steel cases w/Remington primers by F.A.”
“Long A” is written on the steel case to. It came with an almost identical ctg in the same tube written on the case “French Short B” The only difference is the ogive of the bullet, “Long A” has a fatter ogive. Long A weight 10 grain more.
Steel case Grey-green lacquered hst" VE F" at 3 and 9 o clock turning the round 90

Hope this picture is clear enough, maybe now someone has some answers.

Hi Jan !
I will give you some info but it is not my field.

Before the 30 Nato ctge was adopted by Frenchs, they made trials, manufacturing the ammo themselves.

Before 1960 they are only trials.
One of this trial (ctge Mle 1951)was a green laquered steel case, with a Berdan French primer and a CN bullet. The case was hstped 3 VE 52 F.

Another trial ctge (Mle 1954) was also made later with a green laquered case but :

  • the bullet was alos in CN but not the same
  • the primer was Boxer
  • the case was hstp : + VE 56.

The regular green laquered 30 Nato ctge (after 1960) has :

  • a Boxer primer
  • a CN (or laquered) bullet wich is different (9.55 g, 29 mm long)
  • cases have always the Nato sign