Early Production Magsafe .38 Spl loads in R-P brass


I picked up a handful of R-P 38 SPL rounds at a gun show recently that the seller (retired law enforcement) said he used in his backup weapon. Head stamp is R-P 38 SPL, cn case and primer. I cant take picture so I will try to describe the loading/projectile.
GM jacket cut down to 1/8th and 1/4 inch rose petal opening right above the case mouth. Looking down or inside the opening which is only slightly smaller that the cartridge case mouth, I see four #9 shot half embedded in a yellow colored material and held in place by a clear resin that is my be 1/16 th of a inch thick.
What kind of special safety or anti personal police load is this?
Bob R.
2-26-2007 Pictures


They sound like Magsafe pre-fragmented rounds (similar to the Glaser Safety Slug, only with deeper penetration, because of the larger internal projectiles and the fact that they’re internally bonded in epoxy). Do they resemble this?


Yes, those are early-production Magsafes; at one point, they were using Remington jackets, recognizable by the half-round “scallops” on the jacket.