Early Remington 30 Mauser box

A 20 round box with ammunition in unmarked stripper clips. The cartridges have UMC 30 MAUSER headstamps and FMJ bullets so are not original to the box.

The date code is D8C AD indicating the box was originally loaded on 8 April 1912.

Too bad the cartridges do not match the box.



After I posted this last evening, I remembered that Remington and UMC merged in 1912. As I searched around the net this morning to find out when in 1912 I found the following quote:

Alexander Rose’s book, “American Rifle” :

“By the time of Samuel’s (Remington) death in 1882 Remington was again deeply submerged in debt and went into receivership, whence it was bought out by Marcellus Hartley’s UMC in 1888 for the knockdown price of $200,000.”

This makes it sound like Marcellus Hartley owned both companies from 1888 until 1912 when they were merged. It appears Remington made arms and UMC made ammunition. UMC was headquartered in Bridgeport before the merger. The following quote from Wikipedia provides the early days of UMC:

The New York sporting goods firm of Schuyler, Hartley & Graham purchased two small New England cartridge manufacturers in 1866. Machinery from the Crittenden & Tibbals Manufacturing Company of South Coventry, Connecticut, and from C.D. Leet of Springfield, Massachusetts, was moved to Bridgeport where ammunition production began as the Union Metallic Cartridge & Cap Company until the operation was incorporated as Union Metallic Cartridge Company in September 1867.[2]

in 1912 Bridgeport became Remington’s Corporate HQ, though weapon manufacturing stayed in Ilion NY.

Given the date on this box, it must have been among the first ammunition boxes to bear the Remington name. I would not be surprised if the original ammunition in the box was also headstamped UMC. I guess the rounds currently in the box could actually been original and the use of this box a mistake, but that seems like a pretty remote possibility.

Does anyone have a similar UMC box, or a box like the one above (regardless of whether it is SP or HP or FMJ)? It would be interesting to compare the date codes.

Finally, does anyone have the actual date, or at least the month of the Remington-UMC merger??


Lew, they formally merged their names on February 1, 1911.



Great Fede. Exactly what I was looking for!


Lew, I have three of these 20 round boxes, two of which are for
just the Union Metallic Cartridge Company, and the other for REM-UMC.
The UMC boxes are different from each other in end labels and back
labels. One UMC box has the code D8 L EX. The other does not appear
to have ever had a code. If it did, it is completely gone now.

The Rem-UMC box’s code is hard to read. It was poorly stamped to begin
with and 100 years of handling didn’t help it any. Read to the best of my ability,
it appears to be K6 E AD. If that makes no sense, sorry. I can’t make it anything
else from the poor stamping.

The first mentioned UMC box was received empty. The other two, by my own practice,
has one round and one clip in it, all I leave in these boxes unless they are simply in too
good condition to open. The UMC box is marked for “Metal Cased Bullet,” but the cartridges
that were in it were soft point. No headstamp, just a “U” on the primer. The clip is unmarked.
The REM-UMC box has an unmarked clip identical to the UMC one. It has FMJ bullet as the
box indicates, with headstamp REM-UMC 30 CAL (“U” copper primer). The bullet is GM.

Because of certain markings on the box sides, I believe that the UMC box with no lot/date-code
stamp is the earlier of the two boxes. It says “Espressly manufactured for Long Range
Sporting. Guaranteed sure fire and best quality.” on the side. The other one, and the REM-UMC
box, say “Specially adapted for .30 Mauser (7.63 m/m) and other Automatic Arms.”

john moss

Between the two of us we pretty tie down the date when the Remington-UMC label was introduced on 30 Mauser. My REM-UMC box is 8 April 1912 and your UMC box is 8 Feb 1912!!! The months use the codeword BLACKPOWDERX.

your REM-UMC box code K6E is 6 May 1919.

It sounds like your D8L box was empty, and the undated box was marked Metal Case Bullet but had SP ammo. I suspect that UMC made ammo from before about 1909 may not have been date stamped, and this would be consistent with your unheadstamped cartridge.

Your undated box is interesting because of the mismatch of box and ammo. It makes me think that the ammo in my box may be the original ammo.


Is this site of any help…http://thegreatmodel8.remingtonsociety.com/?page_id=332

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