Early "Wolf" box?


This is a 1995 dated cartridge and both the cartridge and box indicate manufacture by Barnaul. Nowhere does the box actually say “Wolf” brand, just the drawing of a wolf. Could this be the first incarnation of the brand before it became associated with Tula? Or did Barnaul use it first, but get trumped by the importer who presumably copyrighted the name? The wolf in crosshairs implies to me the hunting of a wolf, not a brand name per-se.
What do you guys think?



I suspect that this is just a case of two different companies liking the art work of a wolf’s head. Probably Barnaul can’t use it now, even though their rendition, not only with the crosshairs, but also the actual drawing of the wolf, is quite different from Barnaul’s. I think that Russia has a pretty good wildlife population of wolves, so wolf-hunting is probably a big deal there. That’s a nice box though. Wish the earlier Tula auto pistol cartridge boxes were like that. They are pretty Spartan, especially the ones for 9mm Para.