Early WRACo Krag Box


Hi, All…Here (hopefully) are pics of a very early WRACo 30 Krag box in my collection. These boxes have long been associated with Army Medical Corps wound tests and can be found with SP rounds in them. This one contains typical very early WRACo rounds with W.R.A.Co. 30 U.S.G. headstamp, #2-1/2 primer with “W” in circle, and 220 gr CNCS bullet. (This box probably dates from late 1893 - early 1894). I am soliciting comments, knowledge, etc. from anyone on this box…What do you know ?? Thanks !! Randy


I recently bought a cartridger that was supposed to be from one of the Krag Experimental boxes. You say these ‘can’ be found with soft point rounds in them, can they also be found with round nose CN full metal jackets? Without personally having witnessed it being removed from a sealed box, I’m wondering if there is anything that differentiates these from most other WRA Co 30 USG headstamped rounds from the period?