Earthquake in Italy

OT a little, but here’s hoping that our collector friends in Italy are safe. I’m sure Pivi is OK since he’s far away from the damage, but the others are definitely in harms way. Let’s hope that their biggest problem is having to pick up all the cartridges that fell off the shelves.


I think Giovanni is OK too,since he lives not far from where I live

Two other collectors that I know from Abruzzo are OK although their houses have some damages

Rome is about sixty miles from L’Aquila and in a good and clear day, I can see the snow covered Gran Sasso from the window of my house. In this exact moment we fell a (here) very light earthquake, and we are all OK.
All my friendship to the strong people of the Abruzzo.

My regards and prayers go out to everyone affected by this tragedy. So horrible!

I was sent this link which shows a small portion of the damage and it just makes me so sad thinking of the devastation and loss of life. I am just happy Pivi is ok :-)

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Last night there was another very strong tremor . I haven’t been able to know something about my Abruzzese friends for a long time.Anyway they escape from their houses and slept in their cars.They are ok

Happy they are OK, Pivi! Whewwwwww


Pivi and Vittorio - I send my personal regrets to you and the all of our Italian friends and colleagues, about the tragedy thqat has befallen your country. I know all of us are thinking of the victims and their families. My wife’s family in Sestri Levante (Liguria) I am sure were not affected, and for that I am thankful. Quando viene il terremoto,non c’

Thanks John,
the earthquake victims final number is about 300 and L’Aquila and many small town near, have the aspect of a bombed zone.
I felt the earthquake in Terni, fifty years ago, and I still remember!