Earthquake in Victoria, Australia

I was sitting in the lounge chair 9AM today and the room shook and house creaked and bottle collection rattled but none broke thankfully. Australia does not have many of these quakes.
I went to the collection room and luckily I can see no damage or fallen 2 Pr small base cartridges fallen over. It was 5.9 on the Richter scale it seems, our worst quake ever and felt badly in melbourne.
I heard some collectors had items fall and damage? in Melbourne area.
Hope there are no after shocks. One was enough. Ron.

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Glad to hear that you and your collection are ok.

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Thanks. It was a bit scary as I expected tumbled cartridges but all OK it seems.
I have had visitors touch items and a BAD domino effect ensued.
I just told them to leave and shut the door for a day before I inspected the dints and damage.
I hate Bofors and 2Pr shells with their small bases. First to domino the rest. Cheers.

nice to ear from you that you are safe.
It seems to me that @DocAV4901 is from there as well, let’s wait for news from him

DocAv is in Queensland so a few thousand km from the quake.
By the way Doc, you never did answer any of my e-mails. Just reminding you and good wishes.

Forget about ammo. Did the bottles spill? If yes, collect as much liquior as possible and ship it expeditiously to German ECRA meeting, they are running short…


Thank you for the thought BUT they are collectable Codd , Torpedo and various Ballarat empty bottles. All highly prized in my area, Buy a beer or Gin on me in Europe you lucky bastards who are not locked down due to Covid. All our gun shows and meetings were cancelled here.


Glad to hear neither you or your collection suffered any damage. I know Melbourne is now the lockdown capital of the world, surely you don’t want to be the knockdown capital as well !!!
Another reason to be happy up here in sunny Queensland.


Where i am in NZ, my cases have to be lying down in drawers, as we get too many earthquakes big enough to knock them over, and they tend to dent easily. We had a shake one day, where a 40mm Bofors projectile fell of a shelf, piercing a tin of plums…it looked like carnage.

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No wonder they call Aotearoa
“The Shaky Isles”.
As to the member trying to contact me,

Also Queensland does get the occasional quake, but very mild…
Nothing like Victoria or the Newcastle Quake ( 2002???)

The whole Great Dividing Range was the result of Tectonic shift and Pacific Rim Vulcanism. Quite a few “mountains” in Qld. are extinct volcanic cones, or even eroded Volcanic Cores ( Glass House Mountains).

Doc AV
In warming Qld ( Spring)