Nice pics, Vlad, but I should mention that they were taken when the show was just about over and most attendees were already winging their way home. We were enjoying the end-of-the-show “John Hintlian Memorial Strawberry Shortcake”. And I did eventually get that .50BMG up Joe’s nose. He should get it out just in time for the Denver, PA show in August!


And after the show I went to a nice local gun shop. You’ll be surprised at prices and quality of some stuff.


It would be nice if some of those old relics were identified - and I don’t mean the old cartridges.



Ray, the one on the table is called “strawberry shortcake”, I think.


Thanks for the great show pictures!



Vlad, what is that .44 Spl. thing?


It is a fake for which I’ve paid $2. I was shopping right after the show and pretty much grabbed anything cheap that caught my eye. I bought 1969 centennial baseball tokens, I even got a WWI certificate of appreciation by I.O.O.F. Never heard of I.O.O.F. before. Neat sfuff. Can’t show them here, but if you ever come to NY…


Independent Order of Odd Fellows.

It is a fraternal society

My grandpa held a pretty high degree in one of the encampments.