East German 7.62x39mm Chamber gauge and an additional gauge

Picked these up at SLICS 2019 as a set. The table owner was not present and a friend of his was manning the table and he did not know anything about these gauges and neither do I.

Length is 33.21mm

I assume the first one shown below is a chamber gauge for 7.62x39mm but I could be wrong:

"Head" end of the gauge, diameter = 11.25mm


Opposite end


Below is the other gauge,

39.42mm long and 3mm thick

Writing on the front of the gauge: 1,3 i - 134 - K - 1 MASSI 2b 1,115
Inscribed on the back is the number 205

Any help with information or discussion is most appreciated.



Hello Brian,

It is an East German 7.62x39 gauge (Verschlußabstandslehre) for the dimension 32.95 mm used with the MPi-K, KmS, KM, LMG-D and DM. This is the “Field” variant, since “Go” is 32.85 mm and “No Go” 33.15 mm.

It was manufactured by VEB Maßindustrie Werdau (Massi).



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The other tool is a firing pin protrusion gauge (Schlagbolzenvorstandlehre) for the dimension 1.3 mm.

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Great information.


Thread title changed accordingly.

Brian, the complete gauge set can be seen in this thread:

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