East German M43 Case

I recently purchased a case of East German AK ammo. My question is the label shown, I know these are steel cased, steel core, but are these the familiar blister packs or on stripper clips? The “Ld” on the bottom left is making me think “Ladestreifen” but i don’t know for sure…

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Cool box!

The left label says “mit Stahlhülse oL”. The “oL” stands for “ohne Ladestreifen”.
So we continue to wonder ;-)

Oh wow ok!! Thanks, just what I wanted to know…

As far as I know the white square means packed in cardboard boxes.
Blisterpacks (“Plasteinheiten”) are indicated by a square with the corners cut off (oktagon, the outline of a STOP sign).
I assume “Ld” means luftdicht, which is airtight.

Edit: Typo corrected.

Very interesting… so, JP, you mean luftdicht and not lufducht? I’m just assuming you’re not a native German speaker but still, I understand what you mean. I had no idea of those symbols so thanks for your input. Now i wanna break that lead seal and see what’s inside but I don’t want to… I believe George Orwell called this Doublethink lol

JP, I’ve been looking for the boxes and can’t find them. Can you send me a link or post a picture of the boxes? I have only (in my limited experience) only seen blister packs.

And Luftdicht wouldn’t be possible in cardboard boxes, but in blister packs i would think

JPeelen is from Germany and German is his native language.

Thank you for noting the typo. I have corrected it.
Airtight refers to the soldered sheet metal insert of the wooden box.
Sorry, but I have no boxes or photos of boxes myself.

Here are pictures of a cardboard package and a blister-pack for the Ball cartridges, M43 7.62 x 39 mm from the DDR. The cardboard box holds 20 rounds and the blister pack holds ten.

The second picture is of the back of the cardboard backing of the blister pack, showing its label.

Sorry for the poor pictures. My scanner does not show thru plastic very well, and has little or no depth of field.

John Moss

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JP, vielen dank für deine zeit und meinung auf dieser stelle, es für mich ist sehr vertvoll!! Jetzt alles ist mir klar mit die karton…es tut mir leid wenn mein Deutsch is schlecht, dieser ami hat in DL vierzehn jahre gewohnt.

John, thanks a ton for the pictures. I have several blister packs from the DDR but no cardboard boxes… thanks to you both I now know now how to properly identify these cases!! I’m learning everyday!

V/r Henry

Wow John, I almost have the same blister pack you show

I buddy who knows I like boxes gave me one of those [similar?] a few days ago for an early Birth Day present, said it was a surprise. I just got around to checking it out last night.

I do not know if I should steam the paper label off or not, suggestions?

This is stamped inside top right on the lid…

And the “Surprise”, he also knows I like canons…

Nice box, wish I had more friends like yours!! But I have a cool wife, this was my Xmas present
image image

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Well, that is a cool wife, huh?

Yea, I have some good friends, and I have some friends that owe me…
… not always both in the same friend though.

I have several rolling equipment cases, mostly from the photo world, a couple of HEAVY moulded transport cases, plus rifle and pistol cases, and who knows how many others?

Uhm… What are “Air Inflatable Retarders”?
Sounds like a good name for a rock band.

Hey Jack, Alex (EOD) squared me away on another post with what the retarders are…

The label is not original to the box, otherwise it would not have been pasted over information describing the (original) contents.

JP is most likely correct, also it’s in English, not native to the original contents, for that period. I would carefully remove that eyesore…

its a czech wooden box for 7,62x54R (typ 59) with silver tip, the ADR (dangerous goods) label was clued on for transportation purposes…needed in shipping, and has, as already mentioned, nothing to do, with the original content of the box…
it contained 40 paperboxes of 20 rounds each, giving a total of 800 rounds.
The same wooden exist also packed with 780 rounds. just depending, how the paper cartons where stacked in the crate…