East Germany 7.62x39mm Blanks


A 10-round packet of blanks. I have not opened the packet but can see through the plastic (which is a sort of yellow colour) that the headstamp is 05 at 12 o’clock and 85 at 6 o’clock. I cannot get a good photo of the headstamp through the plastic. The steel cases are closed with an 8-point rose crimp at the mouth. The backing is brown paper with no markings. The front has raised markings, which I think can be seen in the photos;

10 Stück

Is this type of packaging referred to as a “blister pack”?


Yes, far as I know the machinery used to make the plastic trays were based on food and/or medicine packing machinery.



Ian, yes, your assessment is correct.
They also packed live ammo this way.


Thank you Ole and EOD.


A few days late, but nobody posted a picture of the blanks

Hope this will help you.



Nice. Thank you.