East Germany 7.62x39mm Blanks

A 10-round packet of blanks. I have not opened the packet but can see through the plastic (which is a sort of yellow colour) that the headstamp is 05 at 12 o’clock and 85 at 6 o’clock. I cannot get a good photo of the headstamp through the plastic. The steel cases are closed with an 8-point rose crimp at the mouth. The backing is brown paper with no markings. The front has raised markings, which I think can be seen in the photos;

10 Stück

Is this type of packaging referred to as a “blister pack”?


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Yes, far as I know the machinery used to make the plastic trays were based on food and/or medicine packing machinery.


Ian, yes, your assessment is correct.
They also packed live ammo this way.

Thank you Ole and EOD.

A few days late, but nobody posted a picture of the blanks

Hope this will help you.


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Nice. Thank you.

Does anyone know the manufaturer 05, is it Königswartha?

No, 05 is not Königswartha.

04 - VEB Mechanische Werkstätten Königswartha
05 - VEB Spreewerk Lübben

John Moss

Thanks, John!

Most ofthe DDR blanks cleared out post 1989 are this 85 production. PARADOX Ammunition ( USA) acquired millionsof rounds packed in 1500 round thick pasteboard cartons, strapped with zinc,-alume cargo strapping.
Backn 94_5, a local Film gun company bought about 100,000 of this ammo, and when the company liquidated as a result of the 1996 Confiscation and destruction laws in Australia, I bought out their ammo inventory…50,000 DDR 7.62x39 Blanks, as well as 12,000 Radway Green 65 & 66 7,62 L10A1 Blanks.

The DDR blanks work in all types AK, SKS, and RPDs,
In all types of box and drum mags.

Only one problem, hard to cure…VERY CORROSIVE on both guns and cases. Guns require the British hot water treatment same day as film use ( long hours night cleaning) and the cases need immediate washing soda wash to remove salts…though Berdan, and star crimped, they can be recycled by trimming off the crimp petals to integral neck and reloaded as a “short” blank…will still feed in an SKS…even normal 7.62x39 ball cases work.( both once fired and pulled-down
Ball ammo)

As to the RG L10, it is the perfect load for our T3 Chilean Modelo
1920 Nambu MG, converted with new barrel from 7x57 to 7.62x51 Nato.
After using fragile brass Japanese strips T92, We decided to make our own Hotchkiss Export 30 round strips in tempered spring steel… using original designs, some original Hotchkiss. 303 strips, and the 7.7 Japanese strips as a guide, to have punching and blanking dies made…perfect strips for any Hotchkiss made or derived Portative or other Mauser caliber gun.

The RG blanks themselves have never failed us ( " The Thin Red Line," " The Great Raid", several iterations of “Kokoda” and Other Pacific War Films and Documentaries ( “Singapore 1942-- End of Empire” &
"The Tragedy of the Montevideo Maru ").

Doc AV