Ebay's ammo policy

Most gun & ammo collectors are no big fan of Ebay, or their payment processor, Paypal, due to their anti-gun / anti-ammo policies. Ebay has always been very strict on this, and has always banned ammo sales as long as I can remember, and even restricted gun part sales sometime in the early 2000’s. Lately however, I have noticed that ammo seems to be for sale on Ebay - quite randomly. Their policy has not changed, and as listed here it describes any components of, and any loaded rds, blank, black powder, or otherwise loaded ammo to be prohibited: http://pages.ebay.com/help/policies/firearms-weapons-knives.html.

Over the past several months I have noticed an increasing amount of what seem to be black powder cartridges, especially transitional era type loads which they don’t seem to mind (type “civil war cartridge” into the search engine), but just today I noticed this very obvious listing for 1000rds of new 9mm ammo, by a major seller: http://www.ebay.com/itm/9Mm-124Gr-Tmj-1000-Rounds-Remanufactured-Michigan-Ammo-Co-Case-/351122104301?pt=Vintage_Hunting&hash=item51c0821fed
The revision history indicates it has been an ongoing Dutch auction since July. The seller seems to be one of the automated mega-sellers which essentially grabs, re-processes, and re-offers other existing retail-website sale listings from the internet and just dumps it on Ebay at a slight upcharge, and the system runs itself just processing payments and acting as a proxy to purchase & forward the purchased item - in this case, live ammo.

I am left to assume that Ebay is not enforcing their own rules as fervently as they have in the past, or else is enforcing on a reaction-to-complaint basis only?


No they just called me the other day to kick my AR bolt carrier group off there web page. First time they have ever called me personally on the phone. I have had items removed by them multiple times. Sometimes it is nonsense like a cloth M1 bandoleer with just En-bloc’s and cardboards. They accuse and tell me I am selling ammo like a bunch of morons.


PS: If anyone wants to see my junk on ebay, just email me.

Actually, Matt, if I recall correctly, Ebay had no restrictions on the sale of loaded ammunition up until about 2006, when a couple of incidents involving firearms and the coming of Paypal caused them to “rethink” their policies regarding ammunition…I bought many many boxes on Ebay years ago…I have not purchased anything on Ebay for many years now…


My most recent cartridge I purchased through eBay was only about a year and a half ago. It was a .56 Spencer in a shadow box (in very good shape). And the purchase before the Spencer, were a few pinfire cartridges. Everything arrived in good time too.

Although one failed effort was a stripper clip of .303 cartridges… They never arrived, but I did get reimbursed by Paypal.

Maybe eBay is looking the other way to make more money?

I see ammo on the British ebay all the time (forwarded by a friend), perhaps the Canadian ebay is also not so restrictive

I just compared eBay.com to eBay.ca … There are way more cartridges offered on the American website… But I think it has to do with the “sellers”, wether or not they offer shipping internationally or not. (Prices are a little nuts for international shipping anyways)

This is surprising. I have tried to sell empty brass artillery cases on there before now and have had them removed. Listing them as something like “trench art 75mm shell vase” sometimes lets them slip through the net.

I emailed the seller of the 1000rd 9mm auction several days ago asking how he managed to keep that auction going given Ebay’s live ammo policy (it’s still going as of today), and I also pointed out that he has likely failed to sell any yet due to Cheaperthandirt.com among others selling the same exact product / quantity at or close to $300 ($74 less than his), He didn’t respond to me.

Why would anyone pay $18.50+ per box of 50 for 9 mm Reloads from some obscure reloading company? You can buy pretty good factory 9 mm, albeit mostly foreign, for less than that, I think, even with the stupid prices today caused by silly hoarders.

Jim B sends me links to stuff from what I think is the Brit. e-bay & some of those seem to be of live ammo, so I thought the rules were a little looser there.

The rules being looser in the UK is very unlikely. Here, owning even one round of live ammunition is seen as a serious crime if you are not properly licensed.

Listing live ammunition on UK ebay, even if you were licensed to own it, does not mean you can also sell it. Listing it would probably get you a visit from a SWAT Team.

AFAIK Ebay in UK has a blanket ban on ammo and components. Even fired cases for reloading. There is another UK website (specialistauctions.com) which I believe is owned by Ebay now (?) that allows listing of inert ammo and components. That may be the one you are looking at Pete.
I have other reservations about that site (or some of its principal listers) regarding some aspects of British law which I won’t elaborate on here. Sufficient to say there is no legal status in British law defining ‘inert’, or granting exemption for it. Its those pesky grey areas again!

Jim B sends me links to stuff from what I think is the Brit. e-bay & some of those seem to be of live ammo, so I thought the rules were a little looser there.[/quote]

Selling ammo in Britain can only take place face to face even if both parties are licenced and legal and the seller has to enter the details onto the buyers licence personally.

[quote]Selling ammo in Britain can only take place face to face even if both parties are licenced and legal and the seller has to enter the details onto the buyers licence personally.[/quote]Yeah, there is always a flutter of paper when some of the licensed dealers pass out ordered ammo to the participants at an CSR match at Bisley. Now that I myself have a temp. FAC I can flutter away as well. :-)

Once in a great while, some live modern ammo will sneak its way through anti-gun Ebay to completion, where a lucky specialty ammo collector can pick up 100rds of UTM Man-Marker 9mm for $14.49 shipped. Jackpot!

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