Ecology Mir Group ammo

Yesterday I came across EMG Ammo - Ecology Mir Group, which is something new as of late 2017 and is run by two young Chechen-American brothers - Asad & Adham Yusupov. Their company does other things such as freight logisitics, concert tour software, some sort of food service venture, and a concert tour bus business among other things. The ammo from EMG is just the usual common pistol & rifle ammo with FMJ bullets and I believe they are just commercial brass or Starline. I sent emails to them and to a couple other places online which made mention of them to ask about the exact headstamps. They have very limited distribution and I can only find them at or, and only in 9mm at that.


From the EMG website - the Yusupovs, looking as much like Tony Stark as possible -

I received a case of this 9mm ammo, and it turns out to all be X-Treme headstamps from Freedom, not sure if Freedom is the manufacturer for EMG or not, but they might be. In a reply from an online retailer who I had asked about the headstamps, they told me it was “ARM” headstamps, but didn’t elaborate further. I assume they meant either Armscor (likely), or some American Reserve Munitions headstamps that I am not aware of.

The case is something of a collectible, and is destined to be a rare one if this company doesn’t stick around long. I like that the case actually has a lot of decent printed information, including some dating that isn’t coded in hieroglyphs for once. I assume the January 22 of 2018 date on the bottom is a packing date, and the smaller February 13 of 2018 date from the side of box might be a shipping date? That smaller date (with an extra “0003” - a lot number?) was covered with a small sticker, under some packing tape, as if to conceal it.