ECRA 2010-Treasures


This past Sunday evening I returned from attending both the Czech meeting and the following weekend the ECRA meeting in Walenstadt Switzerland.

The Czech meeting is small, and most speak little or no English. Regardless, I find the cartridge collecting great. This is my 6th year (I think). Everyone knows I collect 9x19mm and many of the collectors keep their eye out for new and interesting cartridges. I always come back with new headstamps and this meeting was no different. I bring the new 9mm from the US and other things that may be of interest. Probably 90% of what I pick up is trade, just like the old-old days in the US and ECRA.

After the Czech show Kathleen and I drove back to Prague for the day and left the next afternoon for Zurich Switzerland. We drove down to the lovely town of Walenstadt situated on the end of a very long deep and clear lake with towering mountains on both sides (which had fresh snow on top). We spent a few days there relaxing (Kathleen) and getting ready for the ECRA show (me). Another truly outstanding ECRA meeting. SIG had recently gotten rid of some of the old boxes of ammo they had acquired for testing guns and there were sealed boxes of pre-WWII ammo available in quite a few calibers. I did find some in 9mmP, three pictured below. I also picked up a very important cartridge for my collection which I will discuss in another thread and quite a few other loads for the collection. Well worth the trip.

Note the Danish box at the top of the photo. I understood that the black base loads (which this box was full of) were proof loads. Perhaps one of our Danish members can translate this label.

The box at the bottom was greatly appreicated. It is by Sevilla and produced in 1939 (hst PS 39). I suspect it is the first production of 9x19mm ammo in Spain.

The Geco box is interesting because it shows the Germans in 1960 were using Norwegian powder.




Yes, Styrkeprøvepatroner means proof loads. Styrke = strength, prøve = test, patroner = cartridges. The 9x23 styrkeprøvepatron also had black paint on the casehead.
Torben can probably tell you more.


Jeez, when you said “Treasures” I expected to see a bunch of Tokarev cartridges!

Very nice items, Lew. And although the travel-log was short, it truly made me want to go. Did you notice any 7.63 Mauser in the recently released SIG ammo?


Hi Lew,

I’m glad you got home safely. In my collection of 9 Parabellum Spanish, there are 156 different types and the one in the photo is the oldest I know. I believe this is the first production produced in Spain, no doubt.


Davrib, thanks for the confirmation.

JohnnyC, There were some great 7.63 Boxes. One of them was full of * GFL * 7.63 Mauser 7.63. In the box were three of four with only 7.63 Mauser 7.63 for the headstamp. The GFL had been removed. Brought one back for some guy who collects that sort of thing, but I can’t remember his name.

Bob Rubel was over as was Gary Muckel. Bill Woodin was there as always and of course Vic Engel. The Canadians were out in force with Chris Punnett, Paul Smith and I think three others. Barry Garcia won the long distance prize by coming all the way from New Zealand!

Good Show. I would like to see more Americans—both US and Canadian. The Europeans are great hosts and the beer and wine is first class.

Think about coming over next year. If you are serious drop me an email.




Hi Lew,
is it possible to post a bigger picture of the headstamp from the danish preasure proof cartridge?
I suppose the primer is stamped ICI, right?


Defender, The headstamps are almost impossible to read because of the paint, much less get a good photo. Looking at a number of them, I can made out the headstamp:

Crown 5 AMA 4

You are correct, they do have an ICI primer.




@Lew: Thank you for this information.