Ecra 2011


Hello everyone,

Who of You will attend the meeting of ECRA in Germany?
Some of those asistais the meeting has repeatedly lists? It would be interesting to start with changes or purchases.

My contact email is


I will attend the ECRA meeting in Germany…



me too (trying to sell all the good things I bought in Italy and to get good shotshells ! lol!)


I will attend!



I will be there, trying to find the good stuff before Lew gets it.


I will be attending and looking for the following:
9x19 headstamps
44 Russian headstamps
shot concentrators and spreaders+info and boxes
scarce pistol case types
Gary Muckel


Me too. I have my list of “wants” but I expect, as usual, to get not too many of those while finding lots of others I didn’t know I wanted…


Do the organizers insist on a collectors permit? I can’t get such a permit*, I use gun permits with the associated ammo allowances instead.

*They simply ignore my applications for one…


I shall be there, the Fates permitting.

It’s the first time I will have visited an ECRA meeting outside the UK, I’ll be keeping an eye open for cartridge clips of all sorts and maybe a few dummy cartridges too.

Happy collecting, Peter


With these fine guys, it will be a big party.

Of course I will join the party. -:)



I have a clip for you!! !!


I shall also be there with the British contingent!



I will attend the meeting as well!

Chris K.