ECRA 2018 International Meeting/Show- Attendees Post Your Photos & Comments!


For those fortunate enough to attend the ECRA meeting/show in Germany this week please post pictures so those of us who are unable to attend have something to ogle and drool over!


I will try to post photos from ECRA meeting later this week.
Best I can do for now is post a meeting preparation photo from Lisbon Portugal.
Bob Ruebel


Glass cases? Very sophisticated! :)


warming up at the oldest monastery brewery in the world


so that was yesterday, today smoked ribs and some sides


Mis-directed friends wasting good cartridge money on beer :( ???

At least you should drink good gin :) !!!

I will await all the goodies you bring back to SLICS '19

Be safe…enjoy the hunt… (likely better than the find)



A good team is already on the place!!!
I will arrive late in the night, see you soon!!


Ah, same guys…same food. We see you, beer, and ribs at SLICS (perhaps there’s a running theme here?). Show us something new!
Somebody has to post a pic of Alex/EOD. I keep typing to this faceless person. Is he too ugly to see???


[quote=“jonnyc, post:8, topic:30016”]
Somebody has to post a pic of Alex/EOD. I keep typing to this faceless person. Is he too ugly to see???

Not ugly, he is offish, shy ;)


He is a cartridge collector, not a beer drinker like some of the guy’s. :-)


Spanish Team in Koblenz.

See you son


Sorry guys, no photos of me in the internet. That’s my religion!

Who wants to see me has to come to Germany.

Jon, and yes, I am ugly! :)


Ok, now I’m serious, we need a picture of Alex to send a framed gift to the TSA!

And you Spanish guys are very brave to be drinking with Eduard…he is a true wild-man after 2 beers! You should see the trouble he gets into at SLICS. Ah, the stories I could tell! I hope the Coke is his.


I just arrived in Aerzen, where are you my friends?


Looking forward, gentlemen. See you tomorrow!


On my way! Ejection seat armed!


The British contingent are off the boat and making good time in an easterly direction … see you soon !



More than 24 hours has passed since the last post - we want pictures!!!


We’re all busy buying rare and unusual stuff … and nattering to chums !!


And could we have more pictures of food and detailed personal preferences and recipies?