ECRA 2018 International Meeting/Show- Attendees Post Your Photos & Comments!


Was the “present” full of liquid refreshment when you got it and is it now empty?:-)


PS: Cartridge show pictures? Anyone?

Unfortunately empty.

Found a few nice cartridges, sold also a few.

The best deal I had was with Lew.
He was looking to a very nice 9mm Dutch para round, and I see him thinking; I hope I have enough money in my pocket to pay for the round I am surging for so many years.

Well, he buys this round and the price, one beer at the bar in Saint Louis.

Cheers, Dutch


the show is over. . . . .
great show, lots of people and few beers and wines
sorry but I had no time to make pictures during the show.
maybe somebody else has some
next one is early september in the Netherlands

come over and enjoy the Dutch hospitality and pick up the good rounds


Give me a minute, gentlemen and I 'll post some interesting pics. It was very nice to meet people again and to find interesting stuff of course! Alex, Lew, Ronald, René, Norbert, Jean-Paul, Christian, Alan, Uta… Thank you all for the company, the comments, the knowledge, the fun of collecting cartridges!

Some photos from our traditional spanish picnic with some friends.


A lot of stuff…Sometimes very rare and incredibly expensive, sometimes cheap & nice! Enjoy.

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And the whole thing is sponsored by Aerzener? No wonder everyone is eating and chewing in all the pictures!!!

What a lovely location for the Spanish Picnic. Was that the Boys’ or Girls’ locker room?

unisex - the Germans are very progressive!

Hi, is the owner of the case here? Im interested in the markings, FR or PL production?


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Which caliber is headstamped RM S 11 18? (from above)


Bonjour Laurent
This is a 9 mm Luger. Made in Germany, november 1918. RM S stands for Rheinische Metallwaren-und Maschinenfabrik, Abteilung Sömmerda.

Thank you very much, I believed it is a 7,63x25 mauser.

Yes, I have that exact headstamp on a 7.63 Mauser cartridge.