ECRA database

I am trying to decide whether to bite the bullet and purchase the ECRA software. Would this database correctly id cartridges for which there were multiple variations - example 11.15X58Rmm? And would it id known wildcats? Shown is a cartridge with .453 bullet, 2.42 cartridge length, 1.90 case, .662 rim diameter which has me stumped. Would ECRA id as 11.3X50R Beaumont M71 or 11.43X50Rmm?

Hello Jim,

This is a .43 Egyptian Remington made by UMC.



Thank you Fede.
Does anyone know if my measurements entered in the ECRA database would identify this item correctly as a 11.43X50Rmm? That is the intent of my original question - the value of ECRA software in identifying single cartridges & wildcats?

Hello pastammo, I am using ECDV for 12 years. This program identifies any caliber known up to now to 95% (sorry, nobody is perfect, I always leave a small margin of error). When I want to identify a caliber, I only have to enter the data that I have available, that is, the measurements: diameter of ball, mouth case, rim…etc shape of case, whether it is paper or caseless. With the diameter of the projectile, and the shape and measurements of the case, it is almost always sufficient to identify a caliber, either wildcat, or otherwise. The program searches and identifies all the calibers (NOT cartridges), possible to the entered parameters … they can be three, they can be 10, you just have to search. If you don´t find your cartridge (caliber) in ECDV there are only two possibilities: a new specimen or a new caliber

Exactly what I needed to know. Appreciate the info.