ECRA journals?

I take it that the ECRA has a monthly, or bi-monthly journal similar to the IAA journal, and I was wondering if they keep an archive that can be had on CD? For members only probably if such a thing exists, but I couldn’t find any mention to such an archive, or even really to the journal at all on the ECRA website, other than how to submit something. Anybody know anything on this?

Dear Sir,

yes, the ECRA publishes monthly journals, similar to the IAA Journal.

At least I know that the German ECRA group is working on a CD archive that will contain all journals to a certain cutoff date. Since 2 or 3 years the current German journals are available separately on CD-Rom (1 CD volume = one year = 12 journals). These are available at the German editor Josef Moetz. Please write me an email for this contact information, thanks.

I do not know if the English ECRA group is compiling such an archive as well, maybe the editor Tony Williams, who is a frequent reader of this forenboard, can tell you details.


One of our Dutch ECRA members is currently working on digitising all of the back numbers, so watch this space…