ECRA meeting at Bisley


Anyone else here going to the ECRA meeting at Bisley at the end of this month ?


No sorry!!!


Of course!

Happy collecting, Peter


Moi aussi!



As always…


9 days, 4 minutes, 15 seconds…


sadly i will not, due to work / swmbo commitments… the following meeting is a different matter however!


Would LOVE to but unfortunately, too far…


Post pics please, for those who are far away is nice to see who´s attending the meetings.


Where the heck is Bisley?? I’ve looked on every map of the U.S.A. and can’t find it. There is a Bosley in Eastern Arkansaw. Is that it? But, even that is too far for me.



Ray–I can not believe that a Big Time Shooter like you does not know that Bisley, one of the most famous shooting ranges in the world, is in ENGLAND.


Oh for gosh sakes. No wonder. I saw Jim’s post from Norfolk and I just assumed it was Norfolk, Virginia. Is there a Norfolk in England?? I couldn’t find it on any of the Google maps.




A piece of England that remains remarkably unchanged, thank goodness. … 6&t=h&z=14

Century range, up to 600yds on the right.
Stickledown range, up to 1,200 yards in the middle.
Pirbright Army ranges on the left.



I know it is hard to believe, but there is a world outside of the United States!

Norfolk is a large county on the east coast of the United Kindom, and the recent (200 years or so) colonial one in Virginia was named after the original.



Maybe I’ve already gone too far with this. It was meant to be a Sunday morning spoof and a friendly jab at Jim.

Jim, if I’ve offended you, I’ll make it up by sending you a few very nice wildcat cartridges.



I’m not offended at all Ray, I’m just amazed at Ron being taken in and actually believing you! It’s a pity some of you gents can’t make it over here for our comparitively humble, but very enjoyable meeting, it would be good to meet you all. For those that don’t know Bisley I shall take my camera and post a few photos of the meeting.
And thanks but no thanks re the wildcat…


Do you think they have wildcats over there?


Ray–OK, you got me on this one. What Jim doesn’t know is that the cartridges I sent him last Friday are on their way to Norfolk, VA.




Do you think they have wildcats over there?[/quote]


The wildcats around Norfolk have all been eradicated but I understand there’s a big herd of them near Scunthorpe.