ECRA meeting Holland 2019

hi friends a few pictures from Holland meeting. We had to leave saturday afternoon. I hope everyone has had a great hunt :-) please add more pictures


AMAZING SHOW! Thank you so much for posting photos. I hope that others that attended post a 1000 more pics.

I just got word that a good friend of mine score a sweet 90mm APFSDS projo for me their. :-)


All credits to our Dutch friends who made this possible. I had a fantastic Friday!


Wow, Wish I was there, maybe in a year or two.
I like the exact room between the rows , not like most shows where it is hard to get to your table and move in between the tables.
Great job.

I am a beginner collector when I see what is available at these overseas meetings. Many thanks for the opportunity to see these show photos. Ron.

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Nice selection of sectioned rounds…maybe one day…

Great looking stuff, but not much under 20mm shown. Is that the usual table stock?

Absolutely not. But small stuff is not that photogenic. But I’ll think about that, next time.


More pictures from Meeting.


ECRA and IAA need to get together and swap show dates.

ECRA coincides with the US meetings I attend and SLICS with the European meetings that I attend. If they swapped, I could attend both, and do so on the company dime!

Yes, I know, it’s all about me…

Some great pictures and a few faces I know, makes me wonder if I should get a passport again and have a trip before its too late.
Where are you hiding Rene?.

Hi Mike,

Meeting was very nice!
Found a few very nice cases again.
As you know I am not that good on photo’s.

Does anyone know about Max Richards? He is OK? I saw how doctors took him away.

Max was taken to Amersfoort hospital with a break in either his hip or his leg, not sure which.
He was having the injury pinned in an operation yesterday at 11:00 pm.
Martin Golland spoke with him by phone, in hospital, and he was feeling somewhat better.
His family came over from England and are now with him.

There were a lot of great danish wooden box cartridges…



Again for me:
here are some nice little ones I picked up. So table stock goes from micro to giga. This device on show-visit: take time to see the wonders of the world.


Looks like a great show, sadly missed it in my own country all because my ecra membership wasnt done yet because of my municipality being slow. Cant wait for my first international show!

“The Argentinian” are very happy and grateful. It was a SPECTACULAR show. (Personally, my first show in Europe)
We will return to Argentina with new anecdotes and friends.


Our trafitional Spanish lunch with friends
I only have two photos from lunch. Maybe some of you have more.

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Some pictures too: