ECRA meeting in Walenstadt-Switserland


Just one week to go and the meeting in Walenstadt Switserland begins. I guess
we will update this tread with pictures for those who can’t or decided not to come.
For those who are coming, safe travels and please don’t forget to bring those 30-06 cartridges and boxes.

CU soon


Definitely take tons of pictures, René! That show always seems to have the best large bore variety. I always look forward to seeing pictures of that show analyzing every item I see on the tables looking for sweet tank fired APFSDS items. :-)



Hello René,

I own a 30-06 Spanish box, please contact me and I will send photos I confirm that I will attend the meeting in Switzerland.
Do not forget to bring your 7,62x39 repeatedly!!!



I hope everybody made his way back safely and as promised, here are some pictures of the show.
As always the show was well organised by Dimi and his swiss friends. On thursday there was a
trip to Fort Magletsch. Pictures will follow. Very interesting to see how much effort was put into hiding 7 pieces
of artillery.

For those who have never been there, the surrounding area is very nice.
The mountains

The lake

the hall were everything took place


and the boring stuff

some people actually started drooling . . . .

Was it a good show? Well I guess everybody has to answer that question for himself.
Me, I had a great show. Found some very good cartridges and boxes (pictures will
follow in the IAA journal) and meeting friends was as least as important as the rest.



[quote=“FlyingDutchman”]some people actually started drooling . . . .


I know I started drooling even from that pic!


I’m sure Vic will be pleased to hear that!


That show looks incredible. I was drooling staring at all the large bore on those tables. Hope to see more pics. Some of those fuzes were amazing.