ECRA show Holland 2009

pict’s from the 2009 ECRA show in Holland

New info about the show!!
There were 450 collectors from 15 different country’s

Yep, a great meeting as usual. Which also made it a very expensive meeting…oh well, it’s only money!

You definetely take better photos than I. And you have more women. I guess, it is like in a Dutch movie “Johan”, it is a family affair.

Mr. Smith appears to be enjoying hisself. Next year for me. Fer sure. Gonna need a wide angle lens to get in the smile. Hell, I’m still grinnin’ from SLICS '09.

A great show. The whole Dutch Team did a great job. My only problem is that I found lots more 9x19mm than the 5 kg I could bring home. Spent an evening pouring out most of what was in some very interesting boxes and the next day leaving it (usually giving it away). Had 7 pre-WWII original sealed boxes from 1935 to 1938. Had to open them and dump out 14 of the 16 rounds and give them away!!! That is life. It was still worth the trip.

This show is really worth the visit. Next year it will be in Wakenstadt, Switzerland and will be well worth the visit. If like 2008 we will have a firepower demo from the Swiss Army to start it off. Lots of excellent cartridges, and a beautiful setting at the end of a lovely Swiss lake. Start making your plans now!!!

If you are serious about going, get on the IAA Website and read about transporting ammo back and forth to the show. If you still have questions, drip me an email.

I also attended the Czech meeting which was the week before the meeting in Holland. Another good meeting for me-and contributed to my overweight problem. If you are going to attend the Swiss meeting in 2010, consider the Czech meeting—particularly if you are interested in Eastern European ammo. Drop me a line for the details on ammo in and out of the Czech Republic.

Cheers and thanks to Chris B for the new Forum!!!


“Had 7 post WWII original sealed boxes from 1935 to 1938”

Lew, I hope your weighing skills are better than your history!!! ;)

Any Tokarevs???

Great pictures gyrojet. When are you going to post the other pictures? From the other hangar…

special for clieuwens !!! ha ha !!

wow looks like some great stuff in Holland

Thanks Gyrojet but that is still in the same hangar. There were 2 hangars full of goodies…

ps daar zal sonja niet zo blij mee zijn.

hanger 2

There was a very good reason for Mr Smith and some other familiar faces to smile that big

Jean-Francois served some very good 18 years old Glen Morangie.

Then there was Gerben Klein Baltink adressing the crowd during dinner

and of course Hall no 2 was also filled with boring stuff.


I was sent some pics from the event, including a number of the dispalyed wares that were available for sale. Considering the prices noted for some of the items, I’ve come to believe my collection is turning into an investment. I’ve always been a buy high, sell low kinda guy, as evidenced by my bank account, but the prices of inert ord have been on the rise of late, lessening my buyer’s remorse of a number of goodies in my stash. Downside to this addiction is storage and display issues. Be aware of this prior to expanding your interests. SAA has a definite advantage in that respect.

Some other pics sent included shots of the ECRA Board Meeting. The honchos pictured are the Who’s Who of ammo and ordnance. An amazing gathering of folks. And some pics of the signing of my soon to have in hand Japanese ammo Vols. 1 & 2 by Ken Elks.

Next year. For sure.

Rick, from all the pics above, I’m not sure if anyone in the ECRA even collect small arms ammo, all I see is the big stuff!

No. Not much. Some have a hankerin’ for the boxes. Oddball and rare SAA stuff is well received, but mostly 20MM and up. Some very interesting stuff out there.

Now that is a Ammo Show! Wish there was something like that in the States! GOBS of rare big stuff!

PS: If an American travels to that show, is it even possible to ship those items back to the US? So many oversea collectors have told me that there Countries forbid the shipping of inert ordnance outside there boarders.

It was definitely a great meeting. I’ve met some new people with similar interests and found some nice founds for my collection. The ECRA show is, in my opinion, a great reason to come to Holland and I can recommend it to every collector.

For info, next year’s ECRA International meeting will be in Switzerland and the year after’s in Germany.