ECRA Show in Netherland


Interesting show with everthing for all the tastes :
I have seen :

  • the new Penna ctge for automatic pistol and rifle with a lot of different loadings (light, AP, aso)
  • a 11 Mauser revolver ctge (DWM number 1) but not made by DWM
  • a Jingal ctge
  • a big all brass punt gun shell for H&H made by DWM
  • some new experimental ctges from US origin (18.5 x 54 PDWS, Tricap)
  • a captive piston ctge from Czekoslovakia
  • a French primitive all steel ctge like a Pauly
  • lot of old american catalogues (Remington and Sons, Winchester)

and so on.

All the prices were OK except the ones from our UK neighbourgs, but it is an habit so we don’t wonder anymore ! (15 Euros a 12 NPE Eley made , when there was the same at the next table for 1 euro !).

Not many people from the States (5 or 6) , due, I think, to the weakness of the dollar versus Euro.

Some people from CZ, Spain (a long drive !!), Norway, aso

Netherland being the country where the people like to collect the big rounds, there were tons and tons of large calibers (if you remember St Louis where, despite the distance and the paperwork, the Dutch people had tables with a lot a big rounds, you can imagine what it is at a show in their own country !!)

Next year the European International show is in Switzerland, like last year, in a very beautifull village close to a lake.



Any pics of the show JP? Sounds like a great show.



An excellent show. JP was lucky, he got around the show. I got tied up a bit and many of the tables were empty before I got to them. Still, I picked up a lot of new 9mmP and will show some of them in the Journal eventually.

Same North Americans showed up this year as always show up. More from Canada than from the US, but it was the same faces that were at the show last year.



Some pict’s of this great show,there where 160 collecters from over the world.
And then 400 to 500 collectors from the Netherlands.
best regards


OK! I am officially DROOLING! WOW! Their are so many amazing items at that show! Thanks so much for posting the photos GYROJET. I see some sweet large caliber stuff and am going crazy for the APFSDS items I scope. FANTASTIC! More pics if you have any. I have never been to a show before and am excited to visit one soon. I hope the big one in the US is half as nice as this one with so may large caliber items available. Thanks again for those pictures!!!



I want to go to next year’s show so bad I can taste it. Funds might be a problem though. Being a college student again sorta crimps the collecting and traveling a bit.


I picked up a few nice items myself, including a couple I’d not actually seen in the metal before: a 50x346B FlaK 41 from WW2, and a 60mm IMI APFSDS in straight from the factory condition (stop dribbling over me!)


OK! You totally have me drooling & dribbling Tony. If at all possible, can you please post a picture of the IMI 60MM APFSDS? I bet it is INCREDIBLE. I am dying to add some Israeli DS items :-) My folks are in Israel now and I have them asking all their soldier friends to find me a big tank bullet :-) Of course they think I am totally nuts! That show looks like the best show for large caliber stuff. I am blown away (pun intended) by the 2 pictures Gyrojet posted. Can not stop starring at the tables trying to ID things.


Hi Tony
Yes that was a beautiful factory new 60mm APFSDS !


[quote=“APFSDS”]OK! You totally have me drooling & dribbling Tony. If at all possible, can you please post a picture of the IMI 60MM APFSDS?.[/quote]I will when I get around to setting up for a photo shoot.

There was another table there which you would have loved, with mint condition tank APFSDS projectiles (with and without sabots). I was tempted by a German 120mm penetrator (by itself) but the price was too steep considering that it is outside my calibre range (well, so is the 60mm but only by 3mm ;-))


Jason this one is for you!!!


Are they British? They sure look it to me.


These should be Dutch.


Those are really nice. Thanks so much for posting that photo. I can not believe how awesome that show was.


If you make some arrangements now, perhaps they could take some with them to the St. Louis show in March.



Tony, is their a way I can possibly contact the seller with all the APFSDS related items at the show? I wonder if he sold out at the show? In reality, it is highly unlikely that I will ever be able to travel to that show with all the dangerous animals I care for here in the US. I would love to possibly import some inert artifacts from him if he has anything left and I if I have the funds available. Regardless, I loving the pics Gyro posted of the show and hope others post some more. Thanks so much.




What is funny is the fact the owner of this staff doesn’t collect big rounds but only 223 and 30 Nato !! lol!

As soon as I have time I will put other pictures



The stand shown above wasn’t actually the APFSDS seller I had in mind. Unfortunately I didn’t take a note of who he was, and there were about 500 people there…


I know the men.
The seller of Tony’s APFSDS round is a shotshell collector.
And this was the only APFSDS round he has!! SORRY!!!
best regards


The one I meant was in Hall 2, not by the wall but on the second or third row along, at the end. He isn’t the one I bought the 60mm from.