ECRA Treasurers!

I had an excellent ECRA meeting and thought I would show some of them here. Others are free to add their ECRA Treasurers to this thread also.

ECRA was a very good meeting, well organized the the venue was great. Plenty of room and well lit.

The best item I got was the Geco/RWS Salesman Display Case that was pictured on the Forum Buy/Sell/Trade.


It was described as dating from the 1950s or 1960s. When I looked at it, I told the owner that he had misdated it. The cartridges date from the very early 1930s ro earlier, or at least the ones I could date. Of course the first round I checked was the 9x19mm which is headstamped Geco * 9m/m * and the primer was flat brass, not the Sinoxid primer so it would date from before1930. The 7.63, Mauser is headstamped Geco D 7,63 D with the same type primer, so would date from about 1930 or earlier. The 9mmK is D * * and the 7,65mm Browning is headstamped RWS 1931 and both have copper primers with out the “O” indicating Sinoxid which was introduced in 1930 or a bit later. The revolver rounds are a mix of RWS and Geco headstamps. The 320 is headstamped G G & Co 320 which is the earliest headstamp used by Geco/GG&Co after WWI. All of these rounds have a small hole in the case. There are five centerfire rounds which may be replacements. Three are RWS blanks, a 38 S&W and two 320. all three lack holes and one of the 320s has a nickle primer. The other two are the 6.35mm Brownings ball and blank with Geco headstamps. These are the only two rounds in the case with Sinoxid primers. None of the five rounds has a hole in the case and seem likely to be replacements. Most of the .22 rimfires also lack holes in the cases.

One of the more interesting aspects of the case is that, unter the Geco logo on the lid it reads “Gustav Genschow & Co., Hamburgo” which may imply it was intended for use in Spanish speaking countries, and perhaps Portugese speaking as well.

In addition to the Salesman’s case, I found some excellent “Luger” rounds as well.

(Click on the images for a better view)

I have no idea what the two on the left are, but both have 9x19mm headstamps. The second form left has been in a collection for many years and the case looks like a blank case but it is too long to be a finished 9x19mm blank case. The white plastic tip round if from the box below. The far right round is of course a RUAG proof with the knurled rim.


Overall a great meeting.

I suspect others did at least as well as I did. I saw a lot of smiling faces!



Could the left one be a 9mm reworked to 8mm Steyr or 7,65 Long (French)?

#2 from left: The Finns did some odd 7,65x21 training round for their recoilless anti tank weapon.

Maybe something similar but in 9mm?

Sorry, I should have given case-lengths on the two that are obviously not 9x19mm!

S&B round is 7.8x19.8mm and the NWM headstamped round is 8.08x30.45mm. The latter round is shown below next to an NWM blank with the identical headstamp. The blank has a case length of 30.3mm so the 8mm ball round is likely loaded in an unloaded blank case. That better explains the case and implies it is a blank case stuffed with an 8mm bullet.



Is the solid copper hollow point, shown fourth from left, from Advanced Shooting Products - South Africa? They are in the business of those sorts of bullets, and I see the ASP headstamp, but I didnt know they had their own headstamp.


Thanks! I got that from a guy who was up from South Africa, but I had failed to note who made it. Nice bullet and nice headstamp.


I have forgotten who makes the blue plastic case with the AX headstamp pictured above.

Help please!!!


Lew, AX is Arex of Slovenia.

Any yet a nother thread I entirely missed because it was not flagged as new or even existing.

Hello Lew.
The AREX cartridge is from this box20181021_093711



Great! Thanks!!!

Exactly what I needed.



The blue and yellow is a 9mm Arex anti-riot