Ecuadore 7.9x57mm Blanks

I have seen several of these boxes at different shows, but all have contained the normal sS Ball rounds instead of the indicated blanks. Has anyone seen a box that actually contains blanks? What type of blanks are they: Wood bulleted, crimped mouth or what? If anyone has one I would sure like to see a picture of one

These are the four known types of 7.9 x 57mm cartridges made by Fabricaciones Militares in Argentina for the country of Ecuador. Three of the types, ball, blank and fluted dummy, are on a cartridge board at the Frany Luis Beltr

Thanks for the info and the picture. I had never seen a blank before (or the smooth case dummy). I thought I had a couple of sealed boxes of blanks but I noticed they seemed to be about the same weight as the ball boxes. So, I opened one of the boxes and sure enough they were misslabeled 1954 ball rounds.

Phil - one collector thought the smooth dummy was simply a factory error, but note that it is a different date than the fluted one. I am sure it is a correct cartridge, but I have no idea why it was made. I hope someday that we can find out what the significance of “A A” on the headstamp is.

Hi John,
This are all the variantions known to date:

  • Normal SS (SS Ball) - A 7.92 A 1954 & A 7.92 A 1955

  • Normal SS (Board Dummy SS Ball) - A 7.92 A 1955 - lacquered case, pierced primer (RAREST)

  • Fogueo (Blank) - A 7.92 A 1954

  • Fogueo inerte para tablero (board dummy blank) - A 7.92 A 1955 -Lacquered case, pierced primer (RAREST)

  • Ejercicio (dummy) - A 7.92 A 1954 - 6 flutes

  • Ejercicio (dummy) - A 7.92 A 1955 - non fluted case, mounted in a few (maybe only three) factory boards (VERY RARE).

         It's my opinion that this cartridges should be considered a CLANDESTINE or COVERED CONTRACT. Reasons are:
         - Very atipical argentinian headstamp;
         - Wooden crates are also very atipical and only show the inscriptions