Edible Ammo


Some chocolate!

Know of any other edible ammo? I know I have seen ammo ice trays.



I guess you could eat the casing from an old skin cartridge.


I saw a chocolate Russian Roulette game for sale a few years ago. It had a spinner with 12 chocolate “bullets” as the box called them. Apparently one has chilli in it, and the others are plain chocolate. You spin the spinner and eat the one it lands on, hoping not to get the chilli one.


Falcon, here is the Youtube link to Russian Roulette


I decided to tell my children, who love chocolate, about this chocolate Russian Roulette set, I preambled it by describing a real Russian Roulette with a revolver, telling them that there was a chance of being killed. My 12 year old daughter asked: “Do you get money for that?”


After watching the above video, she asked:“I don’t get it, if you get the spicy bullet, do you get shot in the head?” Please, get me out of this house, preferably to a cartridge show.


We did the ammo as food thread when the forum was getting back togeather after " the problem" and it passed a few interesting hours when life was not quite back to normal.


A friend actually gave 2 boxes of this stuff to me. The shop is in San Diego, and if they have a retail showroom, I’ll get you more photos of chocolate bazookas and bombs. By the way, these tins have actual ammo trays and one can use them for real ammo storage albeit limited in quantity.