Edit conflict

In the last few days it repeatedly happened that an attempt to edit one of my messages failed:

  1. A red icon “edit conflict” immediately appeared at the lower right corner of the edit frame, as soon as an attempt to type a character is made.
  2. It was not possible to save the change, because the computer thinks someone else has opened the message for changing.

The last time, after having added a message, seconds later I discovered a missing word. My immediate attempt to correct it was rejected. I do not believe that someone else had actually my message opened in edit mode.

Edit: It does not happen always, as this example shows.

Edit 2: But in the “Cannot avoid to share” thread my message is still not editable.

Edit 3: Now, 2 hours later, edit of the message in the “Cannot avoid to share” thread was possible.


The samething happened to me recently, after several attemps to edit my post I was finally able to do so but it left me wondering who could possibly have access to my post and why would they want to edit my post.