Edited forum posts, by moderators

I just thought I would point out that sometimes I edit posts to correct very obvious grammar / spelling errors. Sometimes the error is plainly obvious, and can actually change the context of the message being relayed. It is usually spelling oriented, or someone has suffered an auto-correct which has changed their well-intentioned post about Sellier & Bellot to “Smellier & Bellow”.

On occasion I will correct something which I think is a vulgar language issue, such as changing certain profane words to “jerk”, “darn”, or “crap”. I do this so that the forum doesn’t set off content filters and block results from the IAA page returned by search engines.

I just did at least 10 fixes to one post which was littered with grammar / spelling errors, so please try to give any forum posts a quick proof-read before submitting. I don’t read every single post, so I’m sure I have missed several myself.