Edmonton Cartridge Show Pictures

The Cartridge Collectors Association of Edmonton had their annual 1 day show yesterday.

The show was well attended with most tables spoken for and 39 walk-ins.

Show Hall overview

Trade and display tables

For anyone interested in attending, the show is held on the first Saturday of November at the Sherbrook Community League hall in Edmonton.


Very nice! Looks like several unfamiliar table set-ups & faces not normally seen in at U.S. shows.

Hi Matt,

It’s an entirely different crowd!

I should add that the Edmonton club awards an annual membership to any cartridge club to 2 of the table holders at the show. Both winners chose the IAA.

I also had some back issues of the Journal on hand and think that I was successful in recruiting 2 new members.


Looked like a Merv J. in there but didn’t see Nils or Dwight? They camera shy?

Looks like a very nice show. Glad it was successful.

St. Louis is great, but the regional shows are the real development and recruiting grounds. Glad it went well.

Pete - yup - Merv. Nils was there as was Guenter W. Dwight doesn’t usually come to this show as there is not much for him. It’s also a 300km drive each way, so a long haul for a 1 day show. The weather was great (above freezing), but southern Alberta got a big snow storm later in the day.

I agree with Jon. If you are at SLICS you are already fully committed. There is a very good chance that there will be a few more Edmonton area collectors at SLICS next year.


If I did show up how difficult would it be to bring the cartridges back into the US? legal!! Vic