Eduard Kettner cartridge boxes


Eduard Kettner 7.65 Br and 6.35 Br boxes.
nny headstamps




Germany wikipedia has interesting Kettner history.


Here is a shotshell from Ed. Kettner, and it has more age.%20Kettner




.22 RF IfB match box.


can you look and see what other pistol cartridge they sold?


Pete, who made these EK .22s?


Eduard Kettner originally was a large hunting outfitter quite comparable to Waffen Frankonia or Heinrich Burgsmüller. It was located at Krebsgasse 5 in Cologne (right by the opera house) and had a 100 m underground shooting tunnel along the subway.
The Kettner-brand boxes shown are from their deteriorating years of existence. They also sold ammunition in pale-yellow/blue boxes using the Luger SJ brand name during that time. In their heyday period, they simply sold the well known ammunition brands.

Contrary to what Wikipedia says, Franz Kettner business (located at Hohe Straße) is also long gone. The name is that of a German competition shooter of the thirties. Eduard Kettner company pointed out in its catalogues that only one “real” Kettner existed in Cologne, namely Eduard, to avoid confusion with Franz Kettner.



John Moss shows some Kettner boxes here:



Brian, yes, “PP” is “PPU” actually.



I adjusted my post above so that it makes more sense now :-)



The Kettner box design shown on this thread also exists
in 9 mm Kurz and 9 mm Parabellum calibers. My boxes, unfortunately
received empty except for the 9 mm Kurz box, have the following
lot numbers:

6.35 mm - 8501
7.65 mm - 8502
9 mm K - 8501 (headstamp 9 - K nny-83
9 mm P - 8503

I also have a red & white Lignose-brand
box from PPU, caliber 6.35, also lot number 8501
as well as one for 7.65, also lot number 8502

I don’t know what store(s) sold these. Like the
Kettner brand, the boxes are multi-lingual (German
and English), omitting the French language.

I had not read the answer above from Brian, giving the
thread where quite some time ago I had posted for me
pictures of various Yugo boxes in my collection. The
design of the Lignose box is pictured there. I had forgotten
I had a Lignose brand .45 Auto box as well.

Thanks Brian.

John Moss


Hi Lars,
Very nice shotshell you show.


Nice. I have an example of the 25 round .32 auto box. It contained ppu rounds with the red primer seal.

It makes a nice display box alongside a Mauser HSc which still has the Kettner warranty card.


All I know Alex


The 22 Box Identification Guide states 22 boxes were “Manufactured under contract by RWS around 1989 for Eduard Kettner of Germany.”

That’s all I know.



Two Shotshell Boxes…


Pete and Paul, thanks a lot!


Alex, It seems RWS made these .22 indeed. At least the stamp in my box is very RWS-like. It decodes as 2 April1986, lot 10.


Ah didn’t look there! Silly me.
Mine is stamped: 67MF10 How does that decode? 7 June 1987?


Dirk, thanks a lot!