Egyptian 12/14 police cartridge translation

Several photos of this cartridge on the internet, but I can’t find a translation of the headstamp. Can someone read the arabic in the Egyptian made Greener Police 12/14 cartridge.

I am aware that the symbol on the primer, (also in the headstamp) means ‘military industry’, and with the numerals for 27 added it was used by Shoubra in advertising. (Shoubra started as Government Factory 27)

I am also aware that the two date figures indicate 1964, but I cannot read the arabic script and would be grateful if someone could translate it.

٢٧ = 27
٦٤/ = 64/

(Shoubra image from IAA forum archive)

Today on the way home from work I stopped to fill up my car with fuel and remembered there was a Middle eastern food shop by the petrol station.

I thought showing them this photo on my phone and asking if they could read it would be worth a try. I did have a hard time explaining what the item was. They seemed to think it was an old coin. They did say that the style of writing looked 1000 years old.

The word on the top right apparently reads as “GRINR”, which sounds like a spelling of Greener, which would fit.

The character at the very top could be an Arabic letter which sounds similar to an English “J”.

The word on the top left they said could be “Number A”, although the Arabic letter A and number 1 look very similar, so that may be a number 1 instead. Could this refer to a shot size?

As we already know, the bottom symbols are “64”. They thought that the symbol to the left of the number is simply a slash /

As for the other symbol at the bottom right, we already know this marking.

Thank you Falcon, much appreciated.

I think the number 1 is the month marking even though there’s a big gap to the year marking 64/ so maybe it’s January / 1964.

The reason I now think this is a month number is a photo I found on Google images of some cartridges which instead of the 1 has the arabic numbers for 6 ٦ and 8 ٨ in the same position. Being so far from the year marking I hadn’t initially associated it with a date.

If the word before it does read “number”, this makes me think it could be the shot size.

No. 8 and No. 6 Bird shot for initially trying to control a riot, No. 1 when they wanted to get a bit more serious?

Greener’s literature states standard loads for the Mark III police gun were No.4 out to 40 yards or SG out to 80 yards.
I am aware of Greener cartridge production for Mark I and/or Mark III with SG SSG AAA BB No.1 and No.4 shot, I doubt if the Egyptian Government used smaller shot sizes or included the shot size in a headstamp.


I can add that these Egyptian Mk III cartridges were not made by Factory 27 (Shoubra) but by Factory 10 (Abu Qir Company for Engineering Industries). The designation of the latter can be found spelled differently, like “Abu Qeer” and “Aboukir”.



Thank you Fede, much appreciated.

I had found the symbol (the one on the primer) being used by Aboukir and Shoubra but did not know which factory made the Greener cartridges.

Here is an Egyptian box from Mark III Greener Police Gun cartridges. The image of the cartridge on the box label shows the arabic number 45 (٤٥) indicating Factory Number 45.

El Maasara Company for Engineering Industries
(Factory 45)
P.O. Box: 11713 Cairo

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