Egyptian .303 Loading?

I recently got this Egyptian .303. It has a GM bullet, brass case and primer, no visible color markings. Is it a ball load or something else? The odd headstamp has me wondering.

Jon - Arsenal 10, Alexandria. Don’t know when, but suspect it is older than any of the .303s from Shoubra (Arsenal 27). I don’t have one anymore, but as far as I know, it is a ball loading. The “odd marks” are, I think, simply “10” written twice, aren’t they. Not great with Arabic.

Correct, both markings are “10”, but I thought the lack of any other markings might be significant.

Jon - sorry about the double whammy on the other one. I am very tired as have been working on the computer since 8:30 this morning, on my book, etc. and for some reason, I am getting double postings. Must be doing something wrong. You know me and computers.

Aside from unheadstamped clandestine rounds, I can’t think of too many cartridges where a lack of information is significant to the loading. In fact, off hand, I can’t think of any. I think its just they style they chose for that run of ammunition. Doesn’t mean it isn’t something special - maybe the box label identifies it as something other than ordinary ball, but I don’t think the headstamp style would have anything to do with that, frankly.

In the book “Charlie Wilson’s War”, which is about supplying the muj fighting the Russians in Afghanistan, there is a passage describing a tour of an Egyptian factory making new .303. The cases were charged individually with powder by women using the dipper method.