Egyptian 7.62x39 tracers

I have been shooting some Egyptian tracers from factory 27 produced in the late 1960’s. I have noticed that they trace red, though are tipped green. Why were the Egyptians using red as their trace color, while coloring the tips green? The projectile when pulled looks identical in construction to the Soviet counterpart.

How common is this? Is it only an Egypt thing?

me262–Green tips for 7.62x39 Tracer, regardless of color of trace, is the standard for P.R.C, Russia, most, if not all Iron Curtain countries. For most countries, tip color of their tracers, for all calibers, not just 7.62x39, have little relationship to the actual trace color.

Else the pre WWII German tracers would trace black, and that would not make a lot of sense. My believe?!

I have read before that Western tracers usually burned red, while Eastern bloc ones were usually green. Is this correct?

As a general rule, yes, but there seem to be exceptions with no real explanation as to why or when…

“most” of the com-bloc tracers I have fired were green tipped and traced green, but some were red.

To reinforce this trend, during the “Gulf War” around 1990-1991, The US made 7.62x51mm tracer cartridges that traced GREEN. The thought was that this would confuse the Enemy (Iraqi troops) into thinking the green tracers were being fired by their own troops, and thus make them not return fire.
As a veteran of the Gulf War, I cannot say that I ever saw this ammunition or can confirm it’s use in-theater, but I know it was manufactured…


I have also heard of those US made green tracer rounds, I think someone posted one a few months back.