Egyptian 9mm

I found this round at the range a few years ago. Thought it was kind of neat. 9mm that has what looks like Egyptian headstamp. Has a dent in the primer but didn’t go off.

The 3 markings at 2 o’clock says: A R E (=Arab Republic of Egypt)
The 2 markings at 5 o’clock says 74
The 2 markings at 7 o’clock are not good visible, looks 80

I’m sorry, but the markings at 5 o’clock are 27, not 74. That number 27 is the factory designator assigned to the plant that made it.

John Moss

Sorry to be pedantic, the entry at 2 o’clock says J M 'A, the translation would be A R E

When I looked it up a while ago it almost seemed like there were 2 different kinds of Egyptian writing. I’ll try to get a better picture of the head stamp.

I’m afraid the contents is the same, however yours is dated 74, the one above is difficult to read, it could be out of 74 though too.

Hans - I think the two pictures are of the same exact cartridge, both by Ron Chambers. Ron indicated he would try to take a better picture, which he did.

Transliterations from one alphabet to another are not always the same, depending on the language the original marking is being transliterated to. For English, a transliteration of the three initials would be G.M.A., with the translation to English usage, as you mentioned, A.R.E. They are based on the transliteration of the entire name, Gumhüriyyat Misr al-'Arabiyyah - in English translation, Arab Republic of Egypt, to replicate the letter-sounds in English. Normally, the apostrophe would not be included in the transliteration, although of course, it is perfectly correct to do so if so desired.

I agree the date is likely “74.”

Ron, properly oriented, your headstamp has the ARE at the 11:00 to 1 O’clock position, the date “74” at the seven O’clock position, and the factory designator at the 5 O’clock position. Factory 27 is at Shoubra, which was founded in 1963 according to an advertisement in my files. The full name was the Shoubra Company for Engineering Industries, Shoubra Branch, with offices at Cairo. They came under the Egyptian Ministry of of Military Production. Their “Eagle” Crest contains a shield replacing the chest of the bird, and includes the arabic numbers for the Factory designation of “27”.

Reference: JLM Files
Reference: “Headstamp Guide: Ammunition with Turkish and Arabic Markings,” by Ken elks, pages 64 thru 74 for the information needed on 9 mm manufacture. Book published in 2016 by Solo Publications, Kingston, Canterbury, Kent, UK.

Yes, I cannot deny my memory is fading, not much of it left ;-)

G or J:

Translation from Arabic to the Western language is always difficult, to start with the choiche to translate it, for example, to Dutch of English or German. And pure from Arabic to ‘western characters’ is another choiche, then with a second explination thereafter. So there will always be a difference in intepretation.

The most common Arabic- Western translations are to English or French.
French translations are easily recognised because of the use
of the vowel combinations aou, and ou, where the English is simply
an a, o, or u. Eg: Father: abu( eng) abou ( fr).
The difficulty with using an Arabic Script with a non-Semitic language, led to the Romanisation of some Islamic languages…eg Turkish in 1929, by decree.

Doc AV

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