Egyptian factory No. 10

I have this factory listed as simply “Alexandria”.

What was its proper name?

Thanks in advance for the info.

My most current information (December 2008) indicates that the correct name for Factory 10 is Abu-Kir Company for Engineering Industries. The correct name for Factory 27 is Shoubra (Also transliterated as “Shobra”) Company for Engineering Industries. They both are factories operated under the Ministry of Military Production of Egypt.

I have a list of the factory numbers if anyone needs others. I can’t think of any others that have to do with small arms ammunition production, however.

Thanks for the quick reply John.

You say this is from your current information, have the factories always had the same names? I have 7.92 and 9x19 rounds from Shoubra made in 1953, and a 7.62x54R from Alexandria made in 1972.


Factory names change all the times with changes in stewardship, ownership, governments, etc. I don’t know that they have changed at all over the years. They were generally known to collectors just as Shoubra (27) and Alexandria (10). The increasing use of the internet by third world nations is giving us better ideas of formal names, rather than just “Alexandria Ammunition Factory.”

I just wanted you to know the approximate date from which my information came, just in case sometime this year they changed names.

Call it 'covering my a–!"

I will keep it as factory number 10 then, finding what the name of Shoubra was in 1957 and Alexandria in 1972 would probably not be easy.

Falcon - no sure what you mean? What difference does it make how hard some information was to come by 50 years ago. If you know the name of the factory now, why not use it? Sometimes, when we know a former name of a factory, that for one reason has changed names (Example - Winchester now Olin simplified for this example), both names can be recorded and given.

Your comment would indicate that you would refer, for example, to Tula Ammuntion Works as “Arsenal 539” because years ago, none of us knew who was represented by hardly any of the Russian code numbers, and today, we know most of them. If we all record our cartridges that way, what is the point of the millions of hours of research, by hundreds and thousands of collectors to find answers to all these questions?

Just my opinion.

What I was saying is that it would probably be difficult to find out today what a factory in Egypt was called in 1957.