Egyptian shotshells by FN


Here are two FN made shotshells for the Egyptian market. The cebé and excelsior.
These are made for bondi of Cairo.

Is it possible that these shells are also made for Egypt?
Or other north African countries?
All are made by FN

Regards Rene


Rene, what about this one? Is this maybe a police or military load?

12GA_shot_Egypt_02 (1)


Hi alex,
I have no idea if it is military or police.
But here are some more.

Regards Rene


Rene, thanks a lot! Quite some variants you have!

Anybody to tell what these are with the “coat of arms” on them?


I really like the ‘exotic’ shells, and always try to get some.
I managed to get some nice ones that way.

Sorry I can’t help with the translation of them!

Regards Rene


I don’t know the first thing about ‘shotshells’ but I would think the stylised monogram on this one would be a reference to the ancient lighthouse in Alexandria?



Cébé and Excelsior were regular trade marks of FN, not specialy dedicated to Egypt.
Bondi was a big custome from FN.
He had about 20 special trade marks only for him.


Hi Tony,
That might be correct.
Once I had a box from Egypt, that showed a lighthouse.
Might be the box for this shell.

Regards Rene


Hi jp,

Do you have a listing of them perhaps?

Regards Rene


Tony, I think you guessed it right. Inside the monogram you see l and a dot, which in our numerals is a 10. And the word below says Iskandria = Alexandria



Hans, do you have a thought if the one I have shown could be LE or military?


EOD, no facts, just my thought:, for mil use it seems a lot decorated to me.


The symbol in which the arabic numerals for 10 appear is actually two arabic characters combined (I don’t recall which) and it apparently means military industry.

The company which started as Government Factory 10 is now known as,
Abu-Kir Company for Engineering Industries (Factory 10)
Abu-Kir, Alexandria, Egypt

The products they manufacture are,
Military products: Small arms and ammunition
Civilian products: Shotgun cartridges, semi-automatic bakery
lines, food cans, aerosol containers, aluminum containers.

There is a list of Egyptian military factories, describing the military and civilian products, at the link below. Factory 10 is the second entry on the list.



I only looked at the image on my phone, not really thorrowly. Now that you mention it, below the “lighthouse top”, the “tower” is indeed also composed of characters Hal (or Jeem?) and Meem. Meem possibly abbreviating Masna’a = factory.

So the “tower” reads Hal (or Jeem) Meem 10


The lighthouse should be no big surprise at the one at Alexandria was considered to be the first in histroy and also was one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world.
And by nature people are proud about such things as we see.


Those made by Aboukir (10) are commercial cartridges for hunting purposes. Here you can see an example of the box and side panel:

12-65 - 1


Fede, thanks for clarification!


Hi fede,
Thanks for the box. It reminded me that I have a box like that also.

Unfortunately it came empty, so I can’t say which ones should be Inside.
Regards Rene